Pentatonic Power


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  • The Power of Simplicity
  • The Minor Pentatonic Scale Formula
  • The 5 Minor Pentatonic Scale Shapes
  • Connecting the Scale Shapes
  • Playing the Scale on Just One String
  • Odd-Note Groupings & Beat Subdivisions
  • The 5 Modes of the Pentatonic Scale
  • Melodic Improvisation with Major and Minor Pentatonic Shapes
  • The Dominant Pentatonic Scale
  • Melodic Improvisation with Dominant Pentatonic Shapes


This mini course will help you break away from the usual pentatonic box patterns. The two main takeaways from this course are that you will learn how to do single string soloing and also how to visualize chord tones as target notes when playing pentatonic scale shapes. It’s all about fretboard visualization. This will help you break free from playing cliché licks and being in a sort of “autopilot” mode, so you can be more melodic. This technique will definitely add some vocal qualities to your guitar solos.

If you look at some of the very best players in the world, people like Kirk Fletcher, John Mayer, and Derek Trucks, a lot of them, still rely super heavily on the pentatonic scale. It remains a very important foundation. The other good thing about the pentatonic scale is that it is what you hear in vocal runs that R&B singers do oftentimes. And I think vocal runs are some of the most musical stuff when they’re done sensibly.

Just like the other courses here on our website, this one is also focused on fretboard visualization, letting you see how the pros visualize chords, scales, and target notes on the fretboard.

I also included some Eric Johnson-inspired pentatonic scale runs just for fun.


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