Impulse Response Sample

Impulse response can save you a lot of time and effort in getting professional quality acoustic guitar recordings. Here are samples of our two favorite impulse responses. The first audio clip is the raw sound of our mini acoustic guitar directly plugged into the audio interface into the DAW. This can also be used in live applications if you have a decent IR loader device.

Acoustic Guitar Direct Input (NO IMPULSE RESPONSE)


1. Gibson Hummingbird and DPA 4011 Condenser Mic Impulse Response


2. Gibson Hummingbird and Neumann M147 Condenser Mic Impulse Response


SIGNAL CHAIN: $100 Mini Acoustic Guitar (equipped with a cheap under saddle piezo pickup) > Mooer GE200 (used as audio interface and impulse response loader) > DAW

What’s good is that you don’t have to have a well-treated and perfectly quiet room to record. Imagine how consistently good your acoustic guitar recordings would be. It’s cost-effective, effortless, time-efficient, and most of all great-sounding.